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Anonymous: i just hope one day you realize how silly the idea of god is


and I pray one day you look back on this message and are ashamed you ever said it. 

Pray hard for these people they are dumb(asleep) and hear not though they have ears and see not though they have eyes.

Anonymous: Why learn about medicine? Why learn about the cosmos? The most important thing is worshiping God and preparing for the next life right? Yea we should all become priests or monks if this God of yours exists.


serving God may be the most important thing but its not the ONLY thing. and learning and growing as people are a form of worship to God. he wants to see us grow and learn and advance. 

Anonymous: I don't pretend that science is always right or that it is even leading us to the truth. It is however, the best thing we have


I disagree. 


God bless you and your Church!🙌💒


Hallelujah! You have won the victory! Death could not hold you down, you are the risen king!!!